How to create a recorder.
What it has been aimed in this project was the creation of a recorder, a sculpture that was able to change with time and recording the environment on its own.
On the first example, the iron skeleton collapsed recording the gravity, and the force that has been applied to it and the canvas registered the environment, documenting the colour of the grass and flowers.
On the second example, a few chalk stick have been glued on a tree, the movement makes them fall creating a mark on the cortex.
On the third example, a stains of red and black ink remain on the tissue, showing the result of the movement of an object on it.

A recorder can be every object that is not considered to be photographic media, video included.
Photography is not only media that captures pictures.
Sound can be a recorder as John Cage did in 4’33.
Painting can be a recorder as Pollock did with action painting.
Performance can be a recorder as Metzer did with self-destructive art.
Actions can be recorded through object performance (loops) as Kapoor did with My Red Homeland and Uecker with Sandmühle ( creating sculptures out of the movement.)
In sculpture, Matta-Clark notoriously approached this direction, Milena Naef question human body tailored marble surfaces and Heidi Bucher practise was all about capturing building shapes is a determined-chronological situation.
Duchamp’s Le Grand Verre is an example of chronological recording, an object that stops to exist as its primary function and it becomes a recorder.
Roman Signer in Bicycle with Iron tube 2016 and the collective FORT with Summ sum, bumm bumm, 2019 led (visually) to an idea of a recorded action.
The pioneers of photography (Muybridge to name one) were focused on action-recording rather than achieve aesthetic pleasant results and Happening as a movement had at its core the action itself putting emphasis on the process rather than the final result.
Venice Biennale (2019) Shilpa Gupta's metal gate continuously swings back and forth breaking the wall behind it, where the looping process of it made it collapse itself, recording the time process.
This project speculates to a new possibility of recording reality via a recorder, an instrument that keeps track of the mutations of its environment.
To realise this video and the previous pictures I collaborated with artists Isabella Furness and George Richardson.

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